Steve Hengeveld, the many time Baja 1000 champion and one of the fastest riders on earth, is one of the thousands that use PowerNow.”

International Power

The official French KTM team wins French Enduro ’06 Championship with PowerNow!

From Randy Hawkins
Paris to Dakar

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The New and Improved Power Now™, is fast becoming known as the “best power product you can buy for your bike for under $100”. It gives idle to midrange torque on four strokes and idle to increased top on two strokes.

It’s been 4 years since PowerNow™  was introduced to the world and sales grow like crazy every year. Some rip off places and fly-by-night junkyards keep stealing the idea, but they don’t last for long, because their’s don’t fit and/or don’t work as well. The PowerNow is made just like it is because continuous testing shows this design and these materials work the best.”

That is why champions like Randy Hawkins and the Yamaha Pro-Am team use it. That is why Fabien Planet and the official French KTM Enduro team, just used PowerNow ™ to help them win the 06 French Enduro Championship. Teams like these can use anything, and they choose to use the best… PowerNow and PowerNow Plus.

It’s the best new product of the year and was given a score of 9.5 out of 10 in DirtRider Magazine. For 2-strokes, 4-strokes, ATVs and Mini bikes, get the performance increase no other product can give you for this price.

Scary Fast Racing introduces the New BIG Brother to POWERNOW™, The POWERNOW PLUS™. The POWERNOWPLUS™ is the new air deflector for the majority of new four strokes. If you already have the POWERNOW™ the POWERNOW PLUS™ completes the package. It solves the other half of the airflow problem.

It is being used or tested by the YAMAHA of TROY race team, Factory Kawasaki, Kawasaki Europe, Factory KTM in America and Europe, Suzuki off-road, Larry Roeseler, Team ECC and others.

POWERNOW PLUS™ was recently endorsed by Yamaha Motor France Cross Country and Enduro teams and TM Import France Enduro and MX Team.

It’s the best new product of 2004 and was given a score of 9.5 out of 10 in DirtRider Magazine. For 4-strokes and 4-stroke ATV’s, get the WHOLE performance increase no other product can give you for this price.

Scary Fast Racing has now finished the system of all power systems, all for under $200.00 !

The POWERNOW SYSTEM™ includes (1) POWERNOW and (1) POWERNOW PLUS. With the original POWERNOW, only 1/2 of the problem was fixed, and now the introduction of the POWERNOW PLUS, the whole problem is fixed.

With the POWERNOW SYSTEM expect your bike to pull longer and harder through every gear from the low end to the top end !!

The new Scary Fast PowerShot accelerator pump cover improves throttle response at all throttle openings on FCR carbs. It has been tested against the rest and proven to be the best. You get better response and pulling power every time you grab throttle. It doesn’t create a rich condition or require re-jetting. It installs in minutes.

The PowerShot is $89.95 and available from ScaryFast Racing. It comes in red billet only.

The Scary Fast Power Shot accelerator pump is 100% billet aluminum. Cast products are heated and poured into a mold and cooled, leading the strength concerns, cast products can be more fragile. Billet products provide a higher level of precision and strength tolerance due to the inherent qualities of the raw product. And the Scary Fast Power Shot has an anodized finish, something you cannot get w/ castings.

Jeff Slavens of Slavens Racing, master race bike builder for 33 years, who builds bikes for The Yamaha Pro Am team, Rodney Smith, Malcolm Smith and many other champions, had this to say about the new PowerShot….

The PowerShot is the single best $90 you can spend on your fourstroke to gain the reponse you need. Especially with all the EPA friendly bikes today and their fixed carb settings. If you have a FCR carb, you need one. If you have a Boyesen Quickshot, throw it in the trash and get the PowerShot.