Steve Hengeveld, the many time Baja 1000 champion and one of the fastest riders on earth, is one of the thousands that use PowerNow.”

International Power

The official French KTM team wins French Enduro ’06 Championship with PowerNow!

From Randy Hawkins
Paris to Dakar

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The best aftermarket accessory you can add to your sport bike for three main reasons:

1. The internal rubber bushings absorb almost all shock and vibration transmitted between the actual handlebar and the handlebar post. The unique rubber bushing set-up allows for 360° worth of pivot direction. This means The bar can absorb shock in any direction your arm and wrist happens to be in.

2. The only true adjustable handlebar. Not only can you move the handlebar post up and down over the span of an inch inside the clamp, you can many times gain 2 inches higher than stock depending on the bike.

If that’s not enough, you can twist the clamp in relation to the fork tube and the post in relation to the clamp. This provides multiple fore and aft positions. End result, R Bars are the most adjustable handlebars ever offered and will help you fit your body to your bike.

3. The only handlebar assembly where you
can adjust the end weights. The weights on

the end of the handlebar have the job of “deadening” the harmonics (vibration) that travel through the bar. Many manufactures use weights around 120grams on sport bikes. This weight works alright for higher RPMs, but at the RPMs you normally ride at on the street, this is normally not enough. To deaden vibration at wider RPM ranges and heavier vibrations from different engine configurations, you can add weight with Rbars.

You get 2 extra small weights, which not only increase the weight but also the placement of the weight, which really helps you eliminate the majority of vibration felt at all RPM ranges.